Power in Numbers - As Individuals

The Artists




CLS Artist/Co-Owner of The Art Circus Gallery. Coming from Chicago, IL he has incorporated his artwork all over Denver, CO.  A traveling artists with work in Bankock, Peru, Chile, South Afirca and headed to Honk Kong for his first of many Art residency coming up in the next few years.  We are proud to have him apart of our team and he is enjoying the contribution of art development in Denver. He hasn't forgot Colorado though, he just keeps getting called back, thankfully. Contributing his gorilla art creations in Ft. Collins, Boulder, Broomfield, Park Hill and The Rhino Disctrict you surely have seen his work somewhere and you don't even know it.  



Genau is an Artist/Co-Owner that focuses on the Art of Invention.   He utilizes the same tools, materials, and techniques that he uses in his prototyping lab to create his Art.  He focuses primarily on the use of digital design, 3d printing, CNC, liquid plastics, art glass, and acrylic paints.